Hawk Hill, California
March 20, 2022

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Zach Morvant  

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**This year's ride is dedicated to Tad Borek who passed away recently.

The Borek family has always been great supporters of the Saints Peter and Paul community and also of this event. Martha asks that any memorial donations should be made to the two SSPP programs listed below (K-5 Art in Action or Laura Vicuna Pre-K)**



The St. Patrick's Day Massacre is an annual charity bike ride that began in 2013. The event has raised more than $125,000 for various San Francisco-based causes including the K-5 Art in Action and Laura Vicuna Pre-K programs at Saints Peter and Paul school, Burrito Project SF, and the SF-Marin Food Bank.  


This year we're supporting 3 fundraisers:


2021 Schedule - Competitive and Family Ride

Competitive Ride - 8AM, Saturday, March 13th


For riders who want to do multiple repeats. The event is a socially-distanced ride with no support.  Please wear a mask if you are close to others. The Massacre starts from the steps of Saints Peter and Paul church at Washington Square Park at 8AM sharp. You can make your own route to Hawk Hill. The climbing starts with a front-side Hawk and then multiple repeats of the backside. The ride ends at precisely 11AM (see below for the route, records and rules). The individuals with the most climbs (male and female) get their name on the trophy. Your climbs will be verified on Strava. To participate enter your details here. Finally, Zach Morvant is attempting to break the record of 12 climbs. You can support him at Zach Morvant's SF-Marin Food Bank.

Family Ride - 9AM, Sunday, March 14th

For riders who want to do one climb at a moderate pace. The event is a socially-distanced family ride with no support. Please wear a mask if you are close to others. We leave from the steps of Saints Peter and Paul church at Washington Square Park at 9AM. The route including Hawk Hill is 16 miles. 



The ride leaves North Beach and proceeds to Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands. After riding the frontside of Hawk Hill (Conzelman Rd.) riders do multiple hill repeats of the backside (McCullough Rd.). Each ascent is approx. 600 feet in elevation and 1.5 miles in distance. 



Prize Categories

  • Most climbs of Hawk Hill - Male (Record is 13 by Zach Morvant, Ed McGreevy)

  • Most climbs of Hawk Hill - Female (Record is 9 by Kimberly Fama)

  • Most climbs of Hawk Hill - Over 50 years old (Record is 11 by Matthew Sloan)

Former Winners - Most Climbs - Male

  • 2021 - Zach Morvant, Ed McGreevy (13) - new record

  • 2020 - Everyone except Corona (2)

  • 2019 - Zach Morvant, Chris Phipps, Ken Gallardo (12) - new record

  • 2018 - Tony Perrie (11)

  • 2017 - Chris Barbara, Tim Kelly, Peter Curley (10)

  • 2016 - Chris Barbara (11)

  • 2015 - Jason Johnson (10)

  • 2014 - Peter Curley, Mike Cliffe, Jason Johnson (10) 

  • 2013 - Alex Lugosch (11)

Former Winners - Most Climbs - Female

  • 2021 - Kimberly Fama (9) - new record

  • 2020 - Kate McGee (5)

  • 2019 - Rosamaria Cavalho (7)

  • 2018 - Rosamaria Cavalho (8) - new record

  • 2017 - Rosamaria Cavalho (7) - new record

  • 2016 - Evia Curley, Corona Smith (3)

  • 2015 - Kate McGee (5) - new record

  • 2014 - Audrey Kelly, Amy O'Brien, Natalia Tiches (2) 

  • 2013 - Jennifer Merritt (2)



The event is intended to be fun and safe, so please follow all the rules of the road. Stay to the right when climbing and descending. Always be on the look out for drivers who cross the double yellow line. The competitive event ends at precisely 11AM. You need to complete your climb by then to get credit for that ascent. The main prize is shared if multiple riders finish with the same number of climbs. 


Pictures of the event since 2013.