Hawk Hill, California
March 19, 2023

support SF-Marin FOOD Bank

Each dollar raised equals two meals for our less fortunate SF and Marin neighbors.

$3799 raised 

for the massacre

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support ukraine's children

All money raised goes directly to UNICEF's "Protect children in Ukraine" campaign.

$8074* raised




The St. Patrick's Day Massacre is an informal charity ride that began in 2013. This annual gathering has raised more than $135,000 for various causes including art and kindergarten programs at Saints Peter and Paul school in North Beach, Burrito Project SF, the SF-Marin Food Bank and UNICEF's Protect children in Ukraine campaign.


Departs 8AM, Sunday, March 23rd, 2023


The Massacre leaves just across from Saints Peter and Paul church (666 Filbert St.) on Washington Square Park at 8AM sharp. You have exactly 3 hours to complete as many Hawks as you can. The climbing starts with a frontside Hawk and then multiple repeats of the backside. The ride ends at precisely 11AM. The individuals with the most climbs (female and male) get their name on the trophy. To participate you need to register.  (See a list of registered riders here.)

***Note we'll offer water and snacks during the ride. As with the last 3 COVID years we won't have an afterparty. You are welcome to join us for a few donated Hawk Hill beers from our friends at Headlands Brewing.***



The ride leaves North Beach with no set route to Hawk Hill. After riding the frontside all the way to the top via Conzelman Rd. riders turn around and descend back to the roundabout and then via McCullough Rd. to Bunker Rd. From there riders complete as many hill repeats of the backside as possible before the 11AM cutoff. Each ascent is 605 feet in elevation and 1.4 miles in distance. (See the Strava segment that we use.)

***Note the Massacre is about climbing not descending. Take your time on the descents,  do not cross the yellow line, always observe the rules of the road and roundabout!***



Prize Categories

  • Most Hawks - Female (Record is 9 by Kimberly Fama)

  • Most Hawks - Male (Record is 14 by Zach Morvant)

  • Most Hawks - Over 50 years old (Record is 11 by Matthew Sloan)

  • Most Hawks - Over 60 years old (Record is 4 by Bob Bretthauer)

Winners - Most Hawks - Female

  • 2022 - Kimberly Fama (8) 

  • 2021 - Kimberly Fama (9) - new record

  • 2020 - Kate McGee (5)

  • 2019 - Rosamaria Cavalho (7)

  • 2018 - Rosamaria Cavalho (8) - new record

  • 2017 - Rosamaria Cavalho (7) - new record

  • 2016 - Evia Curley, Corona Smith (3)

  • 2015 - Kate McGee (5) - new record

  • 2014 - Audrey Kelly, Amy O'Brien, Natalia Tiches (2) 

  • 2013 - Jennifer Merritt (2)

Winners - Most Hawks - Male

  • 2022 - Zach Morvant (14) - new record

  • 2021 - Zach Morvant, Ed McGreevy (13) - new record

  • 2020 - Everyone except Corona (2)

  • 2019 - Zach Morvant, Chris Phipps, Ken Gallardo (12) - new record

  • 2018 - Tony Perrie (11)

  • 2017 - Chris Barbara, Tim Kelly, Peter Curley (10)

  • 2016 - Chris Barbara (11)

  • 2015 - Jason Johnson (10)

  • 2014 - Peter Curley, Mike Cliffe, Jason Johnson (10) 

  • 2013 - Alex Lugosch (11)

Friends of the Massacre

Since 2013 we've had hundreds of participants but only 16 riders who've qualified as permanent Friends of the Massacre:​​

  • General: Female/Male (9 Hawks/11 Hawks) - Kimberly Fama, Alex Lugosch, Chris Barbara, Tony Perrie, Zach Morvant (14), Chris Phipps (12), ​Ken Gallardo (12), Ed McGreevy (13), Matty Ice, Jake Fohn (12), Weston Strum, Graham Holoch

  • Over 50: Female/Male (8 Hawks/10 Hawks) - Tim Kelly, Matthew Sloan (11), Peter Curley​, James Scanlan

  • Over 60: Female/Male (7 Hawks/9 Hawks)  - None to date​


The ride is intended to be fun and safe, so please follow all the rules of the road. Stay to the right when climbing and descending. Always be on the look out for drivers who cross the double yellow line. The Massacre ends at precisely 11AM. You need to complete your climb by then to get credit for that ascent. The prizes are shared if multiple riders finish with the same number of climbs. Remember to participate you need to register

**Note this is a casual gathering (not an official event) and you participate at your own risk. Anyone riding recklessly will be uninvited.**



Pictures of the event since 2013.